Reach a different type of clientele with LodgeLink.

Our customers are looking for rooms that put themselves or their crews closer to project worksites, and often need bookings for up to 45 days. By targeting workforce industries that need multiple rooms for large crews, we can make sure your hotel or lodge doesn't sit idle or under-utilized.

We work hard to ensure our hotel and lodge partnerships are successful. List your property today and start welcoming guests. It’s that easy.

We’ll work with you to negotiate both static and dynamic rates in order to ensure we’re passing along the most competitive prices to our customers. Since there are no fees for listing with us, we ask that you give us your best net non-commissionable rate.

You’ll be required to fill out a few forms and send us some photos so that we have all the appropriate details to get your property listed.
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As our clients make reservations using LodgeLink, you will receive a system generated booking request with guest names, dates and room types.

If we have access to your hotel via GDS or through your brand portal, we can also facilitate bookings directly through your system.

If not connected through GDS, please enter the reservation into your property management system as normal. If you don’t have availability for the selected dates, contact us soon as possible and let us know you cannot accommodate the booking.
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LodgeLink pays with both virtual credit card and a LodgeLink credit card to secure the room. We can also setup Net 30 direct billing with your property to alleviate credit card fees.

We only cover room and tax so please remember it is the property's responsibility to collect a Credit Card or Deposit for incidentals. If there are any issues upon check in, please contact us.
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Upon guest checkout please send the folio to LodgeLink and we will provide billing to the client. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
A hotel employee handing a key card to a customer

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