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LodgeLinkers value agility, collaboration, audaciousness, and being inventive. You can depend on your teammates anytime (such as crunch time or lunch time).  

A sense of humour, a well-curated music playlist, and a list of movie picks helps too!
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Our Product team is comprised of talented developers, architects, engineers, designers, testers and analysts. Our diverse team has a wide-ranging scope of opportunities and responsibilities that includes product feature ideation, product development and management, QA automation, user experience design and data analytics.
Our Business Development team encompasses commercial development, customer success, customer experience, sales, supply, travel and market growth professionals. This team is essential to the operation of our business, the development of strategy and the overall growth and expansion of LodgeLink.
Our Finance and Operations team provides billing administration, treasury, and accounting services. This team provides significant value to the customer by streamlining their administration and providing reliable data that fuels customer reporting. This team also provides value internally by analyzing operations, managing working capital and risk in a rapidly growing business.
The Marketing team leads the strategy, development, implementation and measurement of marketing, branding, and external and internal communications activities while leveraging digital technologies and trends to drive company growth and revenue.

Don't take it from us - the marketing department that wrote this page - here's what our CEO, Trevor Haynes, has to say about building teams:

“I think over time, what benefited me the most is the quality of the people that have come to join me.”

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