Centralize your crew travel while still giving your team the flexibility they need, making it easier to comply with company policies and control your spend.

Share Payment IDs with your subcontractors and use Tracking Codes for even more detailed cost breakdowns.

No need to worry about negotiating volume or group discounts to ensure you get the best rate possible. We’ve got that covered.

Eliminate leakage, benefit from our network, and streamline your process so that you only pay for what you actually spend.

Our reporting functionality gives you the insight you need to manage, analyze, and inform your future workforce travel strategy.

Forget about manually entering individual data points, compiling multiple invoices, or running information from different systems; our dynamic reports aggregate all of that for you at the click of a button.

Need to crunch some numbers? Export customizable reports to share the raw data with your teams to perform even more comprehensive calculations of your budget spend.

Through Payment IDs and Tracking Codes, you can empower your team and others to make their own reservations as needed, while still maintaining spend controls. And we give you the flexibility to pay your way through credit card (earn those corporate rewards points) or through applying for credit with LodgeLink (better manage your cash flow), and we’ll foot the bill upfront.

You hired your team to do their job on the worksite, so don’t let them lose focus on expense reports and accommodations. Even with LOA, booking through LodgeLink lets your team choose where to stay while giving you the peace of mind to know they are healthy and safe.

What else does LodgeLink do?

LodgeLink delivers efficiency and cost control for complex workforce travel. Our platform is built around the unique needs of your crew with features that help you manage your travel program.
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