Safety and Satisfaction Key Factors for Retaining Workers in the Construction Industry

Oct 4, 2022
With construction on the rise, finding ways to keep workers safe, secure and satisfied while minimizing costs is crucial to success 

Key questions you should ask to help keep your crew satisfied when travelling:

- Have I tended to all their travel arrangements?

- Does their accommodation meet all their needs?

- How close is my crew to their jobsite?

- Are their accommodations with a reputable provider?

- Are they reachable in case of emergency?

- Do they have 24/7 access to customer service?

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Find out how Duty of Care can help you locate, track and keep your crew safe:

- Receive up-to-date itinerary details
- Access destination information
- Receive relevant and timely travel risk advisories
- Provide optimal customer service
- Locate and track travellers
- Access traveller location reports
- Initiate emergency communication
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