Planning for the Unplannable: LodgeLink's Duty of Care Helps Ensure Smooth Travel for Workforce Crews

Jun 28, 2023
Learn how to plan for the unplannable.

Plan for the Unplannable with LodgeLink’s Duty of Care

Locate, track, and communicate with your travellers during a travel change, potential safety risk, or in the event of an emergency

What Can Duty of Care Do For You?

What Does LodgeLink’s Duty of Care Do?

By using LodgeLink’s Duty of Care offering you are prepared to manage risk and provide safety and security in the event of a travel disruption. 

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"We can let our team know if they have to hurry and even send gate numbers to warn them beforehand so they’re not in the dark. They get off the plane, they know exactly where they have to go. They know if they're still going to make it.” – Citadel Drilling's Alex Meavers on the benefits of LodgeLink’s Duty of Care

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Why LodgeLink?

Along with the benefits of Duty of Care, becoming a LodgeLink customer provides a host of other features designed specifically with crews in mind

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